Simple, Easy & Powerful

Go live with Powerful Pharmacy Management System with minimum training as this is so simple and easy to start using it.

Integrated with HMS & OPD

Doctors can write prescription with ease with generics content with current stock information. Pharmacist can save time as he can quickly sell inhouse prescription as patient and prescription information is readily available.

Integrated Accounting

Manage financial accounting with integrated accounting as well as save time by reducing double entry.

Our team worked with pharmacists, medical administrators and accountants to design well integrated Pharmacy Management System with HMS and OPD systems with financial accounting.


Easy & Quick Sales

Quickly sales prescribed medicine for inhouse prescription without entering patient information and prescriptions.


Easy & Quick Purchase

One screen data entry for purchase booking to quickly enter pharmacy medicine purchase, even with new medicine.


Stock Analysis

Do stock analysis analysis and audit quickly with well designed stock summary and stock details reports along with purchase, sales, sales returns, purchase returns and transaction cancellation with quantity flow analysis report.


Supplier Payments Management

Manage supplier payments easily single screen supplier balance review to reflects purchases, returns, credit notes and payments.


MIS Reports

Do Pharmacy MIS with collection reports, sales register, purchase register, payment register and many more reports.


Drug Master

Empower your HMS and OPD to write prescription with generic content as well as view medicine stock while writing prescription.